Apple to go Green with Hydrogen Fuel Cells

Apple is determined to remain at the top spot when it comes to ranking the performance of gadgets. According to the Daily Mail, the Cupertino Company is now working on hydrogen fuel cell batteries that could last for weeks. New patent applications have been made by Apple that contains information about these new energy sources for their products like the iPad or the iPhone.
Apple states that the patent does not have a short sighted approach rather it wants to make even more durable batteries, and at the same time that creates the least harm to our environment. This could be good news for consumers who have to re-charge their iPods/iPhone every day (after a heavy duty use). Apple has also struck a patriotic string stating that it will help the government to reduce its dependence on the fossil fuels and will also help the government in resolving the complex relations with the Middle East governments.
The currently used batteries have toxic components and after disposal they possess a great threat to the environment with their toxic chemicals which reach the earth or the atmosphere (when burnt). A successful Hydrogen fuel cell will mean that the only by products are the electricity and H20 or simply water.
The idea of hydrogen fuel technology is not new, but this is a neat indication of what exactly the company plans to do to improve the user experience with an iPod or an iPhone. The site Apple Insider reported that the first round of applications for patents on the subject came in October, when Apple produced documents that mentioned about hydrogen fuel cell being lighter and more fuel efficient. Learning steps can confirm you that such a battery has not been built, but it can indicate the beginning of a serious research which will be started in the near future.