10 Unusual Phobias (fears)


Phobia is a reaction due to excessive and irrational fear. The term comes from the Greek word called “phobos” which means “fear”. The causes for Phobia can be fear of an object, certain place, or situation; it’s usually connected to something specific. People may suffer stress as a type of anxiety disorder in them. Phobias can be social, specific or may also provide an evidence of a genetic connection. People usually don’t reveal their phobias and will tend to avoid direct contact with the one they are affected by.

A specific phobia and social phobia are formerly called as a simple phobia and social anxious phobia respectively. For specific phobias some Symptoms may include Avoidance with great distress, Physical symptoms of panic attack, anxiety by crying, Anticipatory anxiety and so on. Some of the phobias that are very unusual are as follows.

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