10 Unusual Phobias (fears)

10) Fear of Children


Fear of children, otherwise fear of infants or childhood is termed as called pedophobia. Sometimes, age-focused phobias are termed as ephebiphobia and gerontophobia. It is known that the cause of the fear of children is specifically extends from adults’ due to their distinct awareness of the capacity of children. Some can also experience that Children embarrass them because they point too clearly and cleverly in personal, material, and maternal histories.

This phobia can be viewed as irrational sensation. Evnthough Children rarely pose threat to the adults; their behaviour may trigger Pedophobia in some people especially elder’s. It’s best to approach a trained psychologist that may be opting as a suitable way to unravel the mysteries of why you or your closed one’s possess fear of children.


When we find people suffering from these phobias, it seems to be unfamiliar and unusual. These disorders are only identified with the symptoms and needs precise concentration in curing it. They can actually need to be understood first and positive advices should be implemented. The above mentioned disorders are curable only when overall attention and proper advices or recommendations are given to them. Some may even look funny, but one must not react to them in such a way that drags them more into it. So, better stop making fun of them and try to support people around you including your family.

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