10 Unusual Phobias (fears)

1) Fear of Being Stuck or trapped

Fear of Being Stuck or trapped

It’s otherwise called as Cleithrophobia, that is, the fear of being struck somewhere or to get trapped. Cleithrophobia is observed mostly at the hearts of winter-related problems with snow or ice such as getting trapped underneath. Other unusual ways may include being involuntarily locked in a bathroom or in some small room. A person who is suffering with this phobia may probably symptoms like heartbeat thumping, tunnel vision, dry mouth, dizziness, poor focus, brutal anxiety attacks and some other variety of disturbing sensation.

The probabilities to deal with such fears are quite difficult. Meditation may help and some medications which are mostly preferred are anti-anxiety or anti-depressants. A variety of self-help techniques helps people with milder symptoms, such as Leaving by an escape route, cracking the bathroom door or by removing the locks, leaving the doors open. This can help you feel quite calmer in most of the situations.

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