10 Unusual Phobias (fears)

3) Fear of washing or bathing


Ablutophobia, or fear of washing, bathing, is relatively very uncommon but it’s one among serious phobia that seems to be little more commonly noticed in women and children. Though it’s commonly known that, many children dislike bathing, but it can’t be considered as phobia. Ablutophobia, (the anxiety disorder) clinically known as a “specific phobia”, which is one of the excessive or unreasonable fear for water or any situation involving it. It can be apparently being noticed in any ways like fear of showering to getting a complete phobia of washing.

Some of the top priorities are Cleanliness and hygiene applied in this modern world. Failing to take daily bath or shower can cause to smell “unclean,” which is not acceptable in too much of our society. The cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT) techniques are frequently are used as a treatment plan for ablutophobia. Approaching therapist will be promoting a good encouragement in examining the phobia and can probably replace the negative self-talk with more optimized messages.

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