10 Unusual Phobias (fears)

4) Fear of Sitting


The fear of sitting down is generally termed as Cathisophobia and may also be called as Thaasophobia. Most of the time, the sitting fear happens due to some punishment experiences in the school days or in some other cases it may be an indication of some other type of fear like sitting in front of influential and elite people. This phobia can be characterized by anxieties about being unable to sit still or a feel of being trapped or in addition, heavy or short breathe, sweating and so on.

Sitting may also become a kind of anxiety that can be painful or promote uncomfortable situation for some elderly, who may be forced to sit for a long period of time than when compared to the younger people. Some form of treatment for this particular phobia can better to Deal with feelings regarding tensions and physical discomfort. Usually, phobias like this one may impact in every part of one’s life and considering a prompt treatment will be a wise decision.

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