10 Unusual Phobias (fears)

8) Fear of Food


Related to psychopathology, phobia that have serious health implications are “the fear of food” (in excessive or persistent condition) otherwise, called as Cibophobia. It is not only the fear of food but the fear of eating in public also. Just the difference is that the latter is a social anxiety disorder where people refuse to eat or drink in front of others just because of the fear of embarrassment. On the other hand, teenagers and young children, unable to verbalize precisely what they actually fear for. To get out of this problem, Parents and therapists can provide positive reinforcements like praise, material rewards, etc. Little more attention is required for the child/kid suffering from Cibophobia. Gradual desensitization therapies in behaviour and cognitive behavior therapies (CBT), NLP or neuro linguistic reprogramming therapy are proven effective in treating Cibophobia.

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