14 Strange Ways People Relax Around the World

10)    Siesta (afternoon naps) (All over the world)

In a day, the most consumption of food is done at the evening. And as soon the food starts digesting, we feel sleepy. What to do in that case? Better take a nap. This has been embraced in most of the countries all around the world. This is a usual practice in hotter places as a tradition since the midday sunlight falls on the people at work too harshly. Countries like Asia, South America, Africa and several European countries follow this tradition. Isn’t it quite funny, after the noon meal the Whole towns again shut downs for an hour or two. People get refreshed themselves by this daily practice. So what happens is, eventually it reports to have longer lives, less stress and fewer diseases. But unfortunately companies in other Countries provide breaks in the afternoon but this practice is yet to be implemented.

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