14 Strange Ways People Relax Around the World

13)    Fika and Festivals (Sweden)

You have all your time for fika if you’re in Sweden because it’s the most crucial part in their culture. Taking a break to enjoy some tasty refreshments is called Fika. Its commonly termed as a tea or coffee break in other countries. This practice of fika has a big role in the people living there as it has improved their health and tends to bring happiness among them. Even though it’s similar to the tea time (introduced by British), the fika is quite less formal and too much more social. People love this habit and call it by asking – do you fika?
They not only serve their coffee, pastries are additional nowadays which are carried out in an idyllic garden surrounding. Just imagine the whole town’s stops at whatever they’re doing and make their move to participate in the fika. This is also enjoyed by involving musicians playing all their favourite folk tunes and songs. What a fun, People eat, laugh, dance and sing, and by the end of the day, the entire people town are much happier about their living in general.

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