14 Strange Ways People Relax Around the World

14)    Laughter Yoga  (Mostly India)

Laughter is indeed is the best medicine. What a life without laughing, smiling. Its best said that day without smiling or laugh is just a waste. Dr. Madan Kataria (around mid-1990s), India experimented with laughter and reported it as the best way to cure diseases. He just recruited randomly four people, who gathered during dawn in a park, Mumbai. They cracked some funny jokes and stories that encouraged everyone to laugh. Just Within a few days of time, it became fun for more people. So, by this way they noticed that they are becoming more stress free and regaining an improvement in their health. It wasn’t too long to finding these changes. As more clubs and pubs are popping up in India, this practice is still a boon in most of people’s life.
These days, laughter yoga has become a very good practice for all in morning all over India and most parts of the world. In America alone, there are over 500 clubs. Benefits of Laughter yoga is it lowers down the blood pressure to normal state. It also helps to bring some exercise core muscles, and eventually reduces stress. Practitioners feel calmer and more able to face their lives after they’ve had a laughter session. While traditional yoga is still a bonus for India, this practice enables them to attain mind stillness and serenity.

Final Words

Relaxation is all that every living being needs around the world. It isn’t always about staying calm in peace and remaining quiet; in fact, often it’s quite the opposite. But that’s the beauty of looking around the world for inspiration. Find a new way to look at what you really need in order to unwind. You might find a new sport or a new activity that you hadn’t considered before. Or you might see your coffee break in a new light, not as just a way to work on something else but as a way to lower your blood pressure during a hectic day. Many of these activities are done as a community. Reconnect with your neighbours. Set up a regular time for everyone to get together to have fun. Play music, dance a little, and get to know the folks in your town. You might find that everyone benefits from a little rest and relaxation, too.


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