14 Strange Ways People Relax Around the World

2)    Relax Cuddling Up With Sexy Pillows (Japan)

"Hizamakura", Or Lap Pillow Introduced In Japan
Japanese are going hot now, it seems. People there sometime crawl with some unique items especially pillows, after a stressful day to fall fast asleep. Usually, men may find Pillows a sexy way to get chill out. In addition, depending on body-length with pillows featuring images such as popular stars, flowers, coloured images, anime characters, etc. are now in a line of trend. The last one with high preference is the Girlfriend Knee Pillow which is marketed recently for being more comforting than sexy. Not only this type, they have come with many versions such as, for the lap pillow which includes stockings, maid-type aprons and so on. It may seem to be an incredibly strange practice to Americans, but, it’s marketed in Japan just like very usual in any house wares.

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