14 Strange Ways People Relax Around the World

3)    Relaxing Amusement Baths (Japan)

Red Wine Bath
Another different relaxing method embraced in the Japanese culture is “Amusement Baths” for which the place Mount Fiji (Japan) is famous for. The area is common for thermal bath, as exclusive for pilgrims and tourists for around hundreds of years. In natural mineral baths are added up with wide-ranging combinations of herbs and minerals, that made it more popular among the “amusement baths. In addition, it seems to be good for skin by regenerating and releasing toxins out that the “normal” water might do. There is additional practice that the customer can dive in pool with green tea, coffee, wines and other beverages. These pools with different method or ingredients are only for bathing rather than drinking. People generally enjoy these practices according to the changing season especially for spring. A large bathing area is preferred when it comes to variety bath and with our friends.

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