14 Strange Ways People Relax Around the World

4)    Relax Throwing Dinner Plates at a Wall (Japan)

This is one of the most ridiculous stress relief methods from Japan. As the stress levels are at peak rise the methods are being implemented wisely all around. Interesting and new ways for the stress relief is discovered. Guess what, it’s preferably for workaholics. So what does this method do? From the name itself it’s known. Yes! Throwing lager plates on the walls realises stress! People not only using plates but bottles as well to ease themselves or their emotions. It’s the most widely used anti stress therapy. In most of the places including shopping district of Tokyo, it seems that it only needs to pay a small fee on throwing their dinner plates at the wall. The reason is, when one does this he/she puts all the natural instinct of emotions particularly anger, which drives them out of the stress or depression. Life has become more complicated for some and they find recession here and there. Doesn’t it require getting refreshed? Then try some and get back to work fresh back tomorrow.

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