14 Strange Ways People Relax Around the World

6)    Doctor Fish Spa – Foot Massage (Malaysia)

Fish Spa
It is an amazing giggling experience in unusual way for relaxing.  Both the foot massage and a pedicure for which people spend lots of money in spas are obtained or experienced at the same time as you put your let in a pond or tank of water from fish. It is worth to spend little money to get this feeling. These Tiny Fishes feed on the dead skin cells of your foot. Funny experience, since it gives novelty a go. At first may give a weird feeling, but once you relax it’s quite fun.
In Kuala Lumpur’s Kenko Spa, Hundreds of them are placed in a tank in which you dip your feet. The fish swarm over your foot and nibbles away, and when you remove your feet, the skin is soft and clean. Usually, Fish Spa is well appointed and clean…which reassures to give you all potentially sharing fish. And you go with the water with many tired and fragrant feet. Initially, you are provided with an enzyme spray that is required to wash down your feet…which are appreciated all over!
Due to The warmth of the water and the pressure of massage from fish provides the skin-clearing properties. The mud baths will also help in loosening muscles providing great ease in your mind. You will feel better while it’s cleansing your skin promoting more flexibility in your body. You don’t even need to notice your Pain until it’s gone, maybe not permanently but at least temporarily by leaving you more revitalized.

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