14 Strange Ways People Relax Around the World

7)    Active Meditative Relaxing Capoeira (Brazil)

One of the innovative and Active Adventures of Brazil is to enjoy all the adventure travel that offers an extra focus on fitness.
The national martial art of Brazil was developed by their slaves who could not fight using their weapons. Particularly, the style is a kind of almost balletic or acrobatic that requires relying on heavy weaving, dodging, and pin point to the unpredictable motion practices. These seem to be difficult or even to fight against actual combat. In an acrobatic aspect, a head might suddenly get replaced by a foot, and its directions change (with time) from moment to moment. This is more intuitive, and even looks like dancing steps.
Today, Capoeira (that is used in Brazil preferably) is an active meditative practice. This is practically applied by both young and old alike. The idea of acrobatic is not to actually beat up your opponent standing next to you, nor to touch that person at all. But, instead it’s just to create some kind of interesting drama or story or dialogue between the imaginary fighters.
Now days, the Capoeira practice has become a philosophy, in a way much like Tai Chi, and other physical contacts. The whole experience is turned into a joy as the group sings together creating a field of happiness all around. It’s all about celebration that provides strength as well as perseverance. It’s just not a workout rather a way to express in terms of grace and strength.

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