14 Strange Ways People Relax Around the World

8)    Relieve Stress With Taarab Music  (Zanzibar)

Taarab Music
Zanzibar, an island country; as much like an islands culture, the music of Zanzibar is mosaic and extraordinary. It adds up all the essence of different styles, borrowed from Africa, all over the Indian Ocean and beyond. Taarab music is one of the best examples of creative blend of varies in Traditional way.  This fantastic essence has flourished since the first few or initial decades of the 20th century and became first mass meditative music in the regions. It also draws in the influences from the Arab world, including countries like India, Indonesia and the other parts of West. The tradition is brought by joy and pleasure of poetry and music. In Zanzibar every day, this is performed lively by a band at the time when people get together to drink tea.
What does that band do? They might play some related and popular song about love; most of the time like dedicating it to someone who wishes to gets in touch with his feelings for someone he admires.

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