15 Best Foods for Brain Health

11) Bananas


Banana is rich in glucose which may help your brain to function properly and effectively without a sense of tiredness. Even one for a day will do. Why often you feel moody, just try to add banana in

your daily menu, as it has a large dose of tryptophan, converted as serotonin which is brain friendly. Serotonin stimulates your happy mood while the risk of depression is counteracted. As you stay cool and happy, the bananas also help you to remain alert. While you can have raw Bananas, having it as desserts and making them into bread to please your taste buds. Many people choose to cut up their daily banana and add it to their cereal or yogurt. Popular banana recipes include fat free banana-walnut bread, peanut butter breakfast pudding, banana oatmeal squares, and dark chocolate frozen bananas.

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