15 Best Foods for Brain Health

12) Eggs


Eggs are commonly known to have protein in the white and fat in the yellow yolk. Egg in a diet is interesting. As you know egg is good to your body. In addition, it is good for your brain too. Impulses are carried by neurons, acetyl choline is a neurotransmitter. Egg is rich in choline, it further sharpens your memory power and spinal arc reflexes. Important to say, choline improves cardiovascular systems as well minimising the risk factors like hypertension/high blood pressure, blood clots and consequent hemiplegia/stroke. Possibility of blood clots in coronary artery (brain) and carotid artery (heart) is also in the downward trajectory to those having eggs and they stay healthy. As there is fat in the yellow yolk, too much eggs in your diet may lead to accumulation of cholesterol in your body and so stick on to a maximum of not more than two eggs a day. Eggs can be had as most favourite tasty dishes like bread toasts, omelette, poached, scrambled, fried, baked. According to the Cooking Light website, some of the most popular egg dishes include huevos rancheros, shrimp and bacon deviled eggs, simple baked eggs, and egg salad sandwiches. Eggs in the midst of other brain loving foods like walnuts and whole grains will add another feather in your cap reaping the benefits of having a healthy brain.

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