15 Best Foods for Brain Health

14) Coffee


Coffee house nurtures love, unites strangers as friends, like a small curve in the lips will make everything straight, coffee brings relationship closer. Coffee contains caffeine and majorly found in South America, SriLanka. Coffee gives a sense of brain refreshment, besides it contains antioxidants essential for a healthy neural system and improve life expectancy. Alzheimer’s disease and dementia are known as the diseases diagnosed during aging. Coffee relaxes eyelid and enhances memory. Studies show that the incidence of type 2 diabetes may also be lower in coffee drinkers. Coffee consumed hot promotes oral hygiene, it increases muscle strength and cancerous cells are prevented in oral cavity in case of coffee consumers. If you don’t prefer coffee, change the mode by having it with healthy desserts, soups. You can also have it with your main dishes like smoky black bean soup, chicken with red-eye gravy, coffee cake, and espresso glazed roast pork. 3-4 cups every day is enough to keep you alert all through your life!

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