15 Best Foods for Brain Health

15) Green Tea

Green Tea

Green tea is rich in antioxidant. Brain tries to relax when it is encountered by oxidants. The antioxidant polyphenols is readily available in the green tea. Epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG) is abundant in green tea, which protects the health of smokers and alcoholics. Regular intake of green tea minimises the risk factors caused by high blood pressure. Green tea maintains healthy heart, sound blood circulation without undue blood pressure and it also alleviates cardiovascular disease. The calcium replacement in the deprived bones is also taken care by the green tea and hence osteoporosis and lowering of bone density is prevented. Cancer and stroke is also prevented by the ingredients in the green tea. Child hood brain tumour affects mobility due to muscle weakness. Green tea may be included in popular recipes like cake, soup, ice cream and matcha green tea smoothies, green tea chocolate, truffles, green tea rice soup, and green tea ice cream. Too much of anything is good for nothing. 2-3 cups a day will do!

Final Brain Thoughts

Know your brain, it loves so many natural foods. Only thing you should do is to make things meet by having these foods in your daily menu. Plan before you go to hotel as to which food you can prefer in addition to your favourite ones. Give your lover a surprise and impress that you care for her. Turn into a real hero in life by staying healthy in a cheerful mood inspiring the growing children. They will set you a role model tomorrow. These are the foods that can help to protect your brain cells against oxidative injuries. Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, cancer, depression and type-2 diabetes shall be best prevented by minimal alteration in your favourites. The natural foods are very tasty and delicious that you can prefer than routine crispy items.

Though it is honey, there is a limit to have it or else it would be sweeter to your buds but hostile to your body. Consulting a doctor beforehand you venture into a particular direction in health terms is better, have everything within your limits and enjoy your life!

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