15 Best Foods for Brain Health

3) Asparagus


Asparagus is rich in folic acid. The brain is 13.6 kilogram on average. The fat in the brain has to be thin to enable healthy and faster thinking. The folic acid is also found in dark leafy greens. The asparagus is abundant in folic acid content, which is essential to catalyse metabolism of long chain fatty acids in your brain at a faster pace. Like carrot, asparagus is rich in beta carotene essential to treat arthritis. Asparagus is a good source of vitamin A that prevents night blindness, Vitamin E that promotes fertility and Vitamin K essential to prevent haemophilia, a genetic disorder or to promote clotting of blood. Asparagus is originally found in Europe, western Asia and Northern Africa. Care should be taken to have asparagus. Popular dishes that contain asparagus include garlic-roasted asparagus, garlic asparagus flatbread, grilled asparagus soup, and fresh asparagus ribbon salad. Usually Asparagus is preferred as a side dish. You can have it with any of your favourite meals. Roasted Asparagus with parmesan breadcrumbs. 70-80 years old people were studied to be positive with high response speed and mental flexibility only when the B12 vitamin level is higher in their body. Asparagus can also be had as starters, care should be taken to let the nutrients intact and avoid too crispy form of cooking. You can have in your everyday diet.

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