15 Best Foods for Brain Health

5) Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolates are good source of antioxidants. Children are right than their parents in respect of dark chocolates, as it is no harm but beneficial having medicinal values. They are rich in natural stimulants which increases endorphin level in your body. Endorphin reduces stress and stimulates positive feeling like that of morphine. Chocolate treat during birthday is right to tap a positive feeling and cherish pleasant moments. Dark chocolate contains vitamins and minerals. Oxygen free radicals damage and cause injury to body cells, the antioxidants present in chocolate comes to the rescue of the neural system to keep it intact and healthy. The endorphin in coffee makes you stress free and stay away from hypertension thus averting stroke and cardiac arrest to an unfolding extent. Thus removing oxygen free radicals keeps you tension free. Avoid chocolates more than 10gms of sugar which may be counterproductive. In the evolving study, the dark chocolate recipes can be had as chocolate-filled lemon meringues, saucy chicken with garbanzo beans, orange and dark chocolate salad, and chocolate accordion bread.

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