15 Best Foods for Brain Health

6) Salmon


Salmon is rich in essential fatty acid and antioxidants. Omega-3 fatty acid is obtained from your mother when you are in her womb. But your body cannot synthesis the essential fatty acids to maintain the structure and function of your brain. If you wish to have fatty acids, salmon will be the right choice as it is rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Being an anti-oxidant, it protects from the potential injury about to be caused by oxygen free radicals. Salmon is also a good source of iron, protein and vitamin B. The benefits of these components are mostly associated with your cerebrum as there may be improvement in memory, concentration, interpretation, recall, and reasoning. The omega-3 acids reduces the risk of high blood pressure, blood clots, arterial rupture due to high blood pressure and prevents hemiplegic/stroke. Salmon is the best sea food that has the lowest to negligible levels of poisonous mercury. You may feel depressed or not able to rejoice at times. It can be countered by regular intake of salmon which contains amino acids – the components of protein, selenium, vitamin A and D which naturally acts as anti-depressant.

Many eat salmon with pepper and lemon but cooked salmon dishes taps your palate to enjoy your meals. Here is the ready reckoning salmon dishes like raw spicy salmon salad, salmon sushi and salmon sashimi with ginger. Albeit, you prefer raw one, be sure to have a fresh one with caution so that you don’t fall sick.

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