15 Disgusting Ingredients in Your Food

You are happy to have food products that have diverse ingredients. But check out their source and origin including their effects on your health. Though FDA monitors, it’s you, to have a track on those ingredients likely to affect your health. You may have a look at the ingredients that might be unbecoming your favorite once you know their effects on your health. You may have a glimpse at 15 disgusting ingredients and screen them henceforth from your regular diet.

1) Saltwater Injections

Saltwater Injections

Do you like chicken fried with salt and chili? Yes, you have to tell your chef to rinse the chicken before taking it to the pan, as salt water has already been injected in the market itself which has to be washed off. Raw meat business is profit motivated. As the weight of the chicken is higher, so is the price. Instead of growing higher generic chicken, your vendor easily injects salt water to increase its weight. Oh yes! You pay more than what is ought to have been paid. Meat injected with salt water looks plump and different from flat natural meat product. Organic chicken without salt water injection is good for health and your payment would be worth enough only for meat and not for salt water intentionally weighed as meat by misconceiving the innocent customers.

2) Carbon Monoxide

Carbon Monoxide

Carbon monoxide has been declared as safe food additive by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration decided in 2002 and reiterated it in 2004. Carbon monoxide as a gas has more affinity to hemoglobin disallowing oxygen to enter the blood stream as in the case of smokers and those who are exposed to vehicle emissions and other forms of air pollution.

But it’s stunning to see that carbon monoxide is used for commercial purpose also. Before meat is packed and held in meat case, carbon monoxide is used, as it is capable of being fixed to myoglobin and helps it to remain reddish. In other words, though meat is on the lines of being perished, the appearance is maintained to be fresh. What do you say? Like the milkman relies on water to make profit, the meat business relies on carbon monoxide. Who is there to take care of your health other than yourself? Check it out before you buy.

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