15 Disgusting Ingredients in Your Food

3) Shellac


Shellac is a varnish like substance (but not similar in composition) extracted from hardened resin like material secreted by lac insect, just like honey is extracted from bees. Unlike honey, shellac is used as a polish to wood in order to give it a shiny look. Would you still like it in your food? India is the largest producer of shellac in the world and a leading exporter to Europe, Egypt and United States. Like its application over wood, it’s also used to coat the fruits and coffee beans to give them shining appearance. According to FDA, shellac is safe. If you don’t want them on fruits, just scrub them to get off the shine. Organically produced stock at farmers field is the safest choice as it is devoid of shellac.

4) Viruses


Viruses in food can be helpful to you unlike the harmful or parasitic viruses that affect your health. The Non-vegetarian diet may predispose the risk of being affected by bacteria. The colonies of bacteria tend to proliferate in non-vegetarian lovers. As an antidote to such harmful bacteria, antibiotics are not favorable all the times, as it would lead to creation of superbugs. At this juncture, viruses that kill harmful bacteria are being added to your food to naturally get rid of bacteria. Stay healthy! Get the protein from meat and leave the bacteria to virus.

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