15 Disgusting Ingredients in Your Food

7) Propylene Glycol

Propylene Glycol

A wider spectrum of flavors is possible with pharmaceutical grade propylene glycol ranging from salad dressing; beer to candy. It’s being considered as safe. In our food, it’s role is to act as a carrier with regard to color and flavor in drinks and food as well as thickener, stabilizer, clarifier and solvent. You can breathe easy, as the health problems would be there only when it concentration is higher. Your body has potential naturally convert Propylene glycol into pyruvic acid which in turn is converted as acetic acid which has a role in ethanol metabolism. This results in lactic acid formation that is responsible for fatigue and digestion as well. Hazardous propionaldehyde is the derivative of lactic acid which is in turn a by- product of Propylene glycol. However, Propylene glycol within limits is not a problem.

8) Ammonia


Ammonia! You would have seen in lab and cleaning products. Imagine, Ammonia in your food! But even 40 years ago, it was approved for use in food. It’s used as essential in bread leaveners. It’s utility to control the acidity of cheese could not be denied and so in chocolates too. Though it is naturally available in milk, it’s usage as additive sounds differently. Artificially added, in food products like soft

drinks and soup, as well as in peanut butter, salami, canned vegetables etc. As it is used as processing agent, the Government does not insist it to be labeled in food products. Not advisable to patients with cirrhosis, as even one serving would aggravate the condition. So labeling is must to protect our health as we may opt for it or not, everything would be at our will.

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