15 Disgusting Ingredients in Your Food

9) Silicon Dioxide

Silicon Dioxide

Sand is scientifically called as silicon dioxide. Silicon dioxide in food is tantamount to sand in your diet. It’s commercially viable as it helps in maintenance of paint viscosity, corrosion proof/resistant coatings, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals as well. It’s used as anti-caking agent and it prevents hardening and consolidation of food unless the food is subjected to a lot of pressure. It shows up in seasonings, powdered coffee creamers, and powdered mixes for cakes or brownies not withstanding controversial view regarding toxic properties.

Plant based foods naturally contain silicon dioxide but it is different from silicon dioxide that is artificially used as additive. At least 20-30 Milligram is your daily requirement but the problems due to its excessive presence in your diet are being charted out.

10) Antibiotics


Animal breeding and marketing is not an easy task. But maintenance of health insofar as non-vegetarian dieters are concerned, they are precisely to be well aware of some of the facts here. The health care to animals is ensured periodically. The antibiotics are fed to animals in order to promote growth. But the bacteria that are at the receiving end fail to get washed off by the effect of antibiotics as the bacteria has the properties to develop resistance against antibiotics. Excess us of antibiotics are encountered by bacteria by getting modified, so that new superbugs like MRSA are the net product, newly launched to deteriorate health. This situation also predisposes the risk of exposure to viral infection. European union and Canada have already banned the antibiotic administration in animals sub-therapeutically. The United States is about to act on this as World Health Organization has expressed serious concerns. Naturally bred meat it is better than scores of commercial meat products. Try the natural one though the Government takes necessary steps to monitor commercial meat products. In any case, well cooked meat is advisable.

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