15 Disgusting Ingredients in Your Food

15) Coal Tar Derivatives

Coal Tar Derivatives

Coal tar derivatives are food coloring additives. Tartrazine is a coal tar derivative which is also called as yellow #5 or E102. Yellow # 5 makes its presence felt in soft drinks, artificially colored items with shades of yellow or orange. Some of the brands of boxed macaroni, cheese and even in high-caffeine yellow green sodas. Though it’s termed as “synthetic coal derivative, objection from health activists is due to speculation that its use in food induces hyperactivity in children but still this is yet to be proved.


Your tasty foods ought to have been analyzed from the Ingredients and composition prism. Some tasty foods have disgusting ingredients where as foods that are not so popular for taste and flavor contain high nutritional value. Salt water injections into meat are one such category wherein the taste of your dish is not ebbed down but unhealthy in the long run. So find time to check out the labels of your food products before you purchase. Screen controversial ingredients from entering your kitchen and so onto your frying pan, and then prevent their subsequent entry into your blood stream. Stay healthy and live the precious life with joy and happiness.

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