15 Foods That Are Surprisingly Good for You

9) Cheese


Its creamy taste with protein and fat has to strike a balance to build a healthy mode of living. Cheese with physical exercise builds confidence in you. Calcium and Phosphorus strengthens your bones and teeth. Vitamin B12, iron, selenium and riboflavin are gifted by cheese diet. Linoleic acid decreases the incidence of diabetes and cancer; prevents macular degeneration and braces up immune system.

Health Tip: Organic cheese is better than cheese found with traces of antibodies, pesticides and growth hormones.

10) Bacon


The monounsaturated fat prevents metabolic syndrome, in other words, it decreases triglycerides, deflates fatty belly. It’s insulin sensitive and also reduces cardiovascular risk. Bacons in your breakfast starts metabolizing fats but on the converse, when it is had in dinner, instead of metabolizing, it helps storage of fats. Bacon is a good source of protein. It’s rich in B12 that helps genesis of hemoglobin, fat and protein metabolism; prevents nerve damage and improves brain function.

Health Tip: Carbohydrates and bacon combination is uncalled for. Carbs raise insulin level leading to diabetes. It is better to eat your eggs and bacon by themselves.

11) Pine Nuts

Pine Nuts

Pine nuts are good source of Vitamins A, C and D. They are of high nutritional value. It improves heart health it’s rich in monounsaturated fat with oleic acid content which decreases low density lipids. Calcium absorption is increased; Vitamin D in Pine nuts prevents rickets and osteomalacia. Vitamin C braces up your immune power. Lutein in Pine nuts helps your vision like Vitamin A in carrots. Pine nuts help you feel full and free from hunger for a considerable period of time. It’s rich in iron – increases oxygen affinity; lowers low density lipids; initiates weight loss; improves heart health; antioxidants in it prevent oxidative injury to cells and prevents cancer. High fiber content in Pine nuts prevents quicker breakdown of food and consequently prevents you from taking heavy meal leading to diabetes in the long run. Pine nuts are also rich in Calcium, Zinc, Selenium, Manganese and Vitamin B complex. You can have it in salad or soup. Try it now!

12) Duck Breast

Duck Breast

Duck breasts are akin to chicken breasts with lower fat content. Though found in hotel menu, cooking at home is felt to be difficult. But the high protein and niacin may pull towards your kitchen to prepare this delicious recipe. Duck breasts lower low density lipids, metabolizes fat; rich iron content prevents anemia and increases oxygen affinity. Vitamin B6 helps breakdown of protein and genesis of antibodies, thus spruces up your immune. Rich phosphorus content vitalizes your bone and teeth. Though found in little amount, Vitamin C also helps your immune. But avoid ducks grown by administering hormones to gain commercial value.

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