15 Foods That Are Surprisingly Good for You

13) Anchovies


Anchovies are good source of protein, Phosphorus, Magnesium, calcium and essential fatty acids. Women get 9 % and men get 7 % of their daily protein requirement. Omega-3 fatty acids lower the inflammation and help your heart to remain healthy. Your bones and teeth may stay away from osteoporosis and tooth loss as anchovies are rich in calcium and phosphorus with the aid of Magnesium. Your cardiovascular system is spruced up by Magnesium and calcium. Vitamin B helps your heart as it removes substances antagonistic to your heart. Your heart health is improved by the action of niacin which lowers cholesterol and triglycerides. Being rich in iron, oxygen affinity is improved. Fresh one is better than tinned. But soak the tinned products to wash away excess sodium before you taste.

14) Coffee


A lot may happen when you have coffee with your girl friend. It cheers up your mod as it’s rich in antioxidants. Those who are depressed don’t choose the extreme step of committing suicide when they are regular to coffee house. But too much of coffee is also not advisable. The advantages of coffee are that the parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease does not find its incidence over coffee drinkers. Researchers say that it’s due to their inhibitory effect over beta-amyloid production; the brain is immune to such diseases. Coffee prevents skin cancer, helps liver to perform well, and decelerates development of alcoholic cirrhosis. Caffeine from coffee increases fatty acids and in turn acts as performance enhancer. Coffee cheers up your nerves; refreshes and makes you energetic for a while.

Health Tip: Organic variety of coffee is better, so stick on to it so as to reap the desired health benefits.

15) Chocolate


Chocolates especially dark Chocolates are good for your health. Studies reveal that incidence of stroke is reduced, blood pressure is lowered and your low density lipids (bad) cholesterol is also lowered by chocolates. Chocolate wins your heart as it helps to maintain healthy cardiovascular system. A dark chocolate are rich in fiber content and helps you feel full for longer so that hunger no longer chases you towards fatty, sweets or salty foods. When hunger is unattended to either when you are late to dining table or you may even skip meals due to some reasons. Such practice induces diabetes but chocolates at times make you feel full. It protects your skin from ultraviolet rays. The theobromine in chocolates helps to calm down cough by influencing vagus nerve responsible for cough. Chocolates prevent clot and also improve immune system.

Final Thoughts

Just try fresh foods, avoid food with pesticides and choose organic products to boost your immune; enrich the availability of nutrients to body tissues and help your sensory nerves with additional strength and integrity via healthy diet. Try it now!

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