15 Foods that Help Prevent Depression


Depression in your life is just like a trough in sea waves. Would you like to bounce back to happy life? A desire to live happily is enough to eclipse your depressed mood. Mental health is essential to build up your personality. A stout and gigantic man may be afraid of bike race but a thin and slim person would definitely strive to win the race. It’s all about your mental perception about a task. Stress and time management in these days has become common. Food habits and life style should be taken care of. So that like a leaflet, new thoughts and interesting habits may be developed at the dawn of every day. Getting bored of routine work is also a cause of depression. Remember, when you were adolescent, you would be very happy to just see beautiful and cute girls. It’s all about hormonal changes and interest level that makes you happy. Tryptophan and serotonin is essential to fight depression irrespective of your age. Serotonin works on brain cells that are responsible for things like mood, sexual desire and performance, regulating sleep, controlling appetite, learning and long-term memory, maintaining and regulating body temperature, and regulating healthy social behavior. Your healthy diet may be helpful in fetching fruitful results.

Don’t worry; you have to construct your mental map in such a way that it recalls only the happiest moments. When tragic events and memories are kept at bay, you naturally remain peaceful.

You may be helped by this small hint. A boy was sent to a play ground by her mother. The boy was criticized by many other boys in the play ground. Then the boy complained to his mother. The mother went to the play ground and asked the boys to stop criticizing her son. But the boys never heeded to and continued to err. Then the mother told her son, this is what human life is, let others say anything about you but remember you are going to the play ground only to jog and do aerobics. So try to stay shielded yourself and cultivate the habits of ignoring the negative comments in order to concentrate on your task. The mother’s piece of advice definitely helped the boy to come up with flying colors and lead a healthy life. Depression is all about your diet and perception over the way your life is led. If your thoughts are independent and distinct then your life is peaceful but when the thoughts negatively articulated that stimulates unpleasant feeling in life may be disastrous. So don’t think that thoughts are your personal waves that no one can find out, but always remember thoughts turn into action and trans-versa. Healthy thoughts and selective friendship would definitely help to counteract depression. Diet plays a crucial role in mental health. You may see here 15 foods that encourages mental health and prevents depression.

1) Apricots


Summer season, development of melanin pigment and sweat are good for skin, vitamin D from sunlight – good for bones and overall health. But fatigue and depression out of minimal exertion remains a common factor that makes you psychologically uncomfortable disallowing spontaneous generation of peaceful thoughts. Don’t worry; summers are always welcomed by apricots and vice versa. Apricots are effective antidote to Seasonal depression or Seasonal Affective disorder.

Dry Apricots really do the trick! Dry Apricots are better than fresh apricot in terms of nutritional value as they are richer sources of Vitamin A, E, C, iron and potassium. Depression is effectively counteracted by these nutrients. Dry apricots are preserved and can be taken while you are on tour or travelling but the sulfur dioxide gas is used as preserving agent. As sulfites are contraindicated to people with respiratory problems especially Asthma, it’s better to take stock of your previous medical history and have Apricots as per the advice of your doctor.

2) Sour Fruits


Sour fruits soothe your feelings and mend it with a peaceful orientation. Sour fruits are effective antidote to depression. Sports persons taste sour fruits as they help to remain alert and trim. Its role is to improve overall health by enabling to lose weight and improve cardiovascular health. Lemon in this series, spruces up immune system. Hot lemon tea in winters, makes your heart comfortable with the warmth and also lungs are maintained in ambience. Lemon tea also improves metabolism and energy level. Cranberries fall in the sour fruit family. It’s better to have cranberries as a whole than to have it as juice because the juice contains large amounts of granulated sugar, which would defeat the purpose. Have sour fruits and lead a sweet life!

3) Sweet Potatoes

Sweet Potatoes

As the face is the index of mind, the color of the vegetables is the index of the nutritional value. The orange pigmentation of sweet potatoes resembles that of the carrot and both are root products that are under the soil. Beta-carotene is rich in both sweet potatoes and carrots and this duo makes you pride to have a sharp vision. It’s an abundant source of anti-oxidants that prevent oxidative injury to cells caused by free radicals. The anti-oxidants in sweet potatoes help you to remain immune to depression. Sweet potatoes don’t get reduced to simple sugars like that of other starchy foods. Your blood sugar level is kept at lower ebb which is a major preventive factor in type-2 diabetes. Your digestive tract is maintained devoid of simple sugars and healthy bowel with sound peristalsis makes you feel relieved of stress. Sweet potatoes are staunch enough against depression.

4) Melons


Melons are commonly known as water melons due to presence of high water content in it. Melons are a good source of vitamin B6 which helps metabolism. Vitamin B6 improves mental framework as it has a great say in conversion of your body chemicals into adranaline as well as dopamine. Unlike the nor-adrenaline which causes the feel of being frightened, feared and to runaway like a coward; Adrenaline increases the confidence to fight and win. Adrenaline and dopamine helps you to face emergency situation with courage. Your heart and brain works in tandem with each other and your concentration is accurate. Melons are being loved by your heart as it lowers blood pressure and relieves stress.

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