15 Foods that Help Prevent Depression

5) Strawberries


Blood flowing in a healthy pattern makes you feel peaceful and happy. Strawberries help your cardiovascular system to function effectively and render the arteries and veins clean. Another feather in the cap of strawberries is that they are sweet with attractive color and heart in shape. The taste of strawberries taps your palate and as a whole your nerve endings are pleased thus leaving no scope to get depressed.

6) Soy


Soy in your diet means that you have planned an alternative to meat Soy products find their place in western supermarkets as the demand has increased indicating the rise of health awareness and potential benefits of having soy. Naturally those who are found intolerant to lactose avoid meat and opt for soy as a substitute to meat. Soy is rich in vitamin B, Omega-3 oils and antioxidants good for both mental and physical health. Soy is cholesterol free and so having soy with your favorite dishes is just like leaving your heart protected with safer hands. The abilities and possibilities of soy were presented during the 16th Soy Symposium, which is sponsored by the United Soybean Board and the Soy foods Association of North America. Studies reveal that soy thwarts the risk of raise in estrogen levels, lowering testosterone and breast cancer. Like unsaturated fatty acid is healthier than saturated fatty acid, fermented soy such as tempeh or natto is healthier than non-fermented soy. Soy helps your mood to be in buoyancy mode; like a ball over buoyant water could not sink; it prevents depression.

7) Complex Carbohydrates

Complex Carbohydrates

Complex carbohydrates give you energy. The higher your energy level is; the farther you are from depression. One of my friends completely had fresh fruits for two days. But he was so moody and not active at all. Then he had realized that any food devoid of carbohydrates will never do for a healthy living. So falling prey to depression can be very well avoided when carbohydrates prevail in your meals. Complex carbohydrates don’t leave you with a hefty body but helps to remain slim or help you lose weight. The vitamin B in complex carbohydrates stimulates production of serotonin in your body, which is very much essential to stay away from depression. Having complex carbohydrates help your blood sugar level regulated at lower levels and easy digestion is also assured. Processed foods are swiftly digest and minimizing the processed foods in your diet is a calculated leap forward to lead a healthy life and stay cool all the times leaving no scope for depression.

8) Chili Peppers

Chili Peppers

A good treat to your tongue and mind is to have chilies added in dishes. Chilies are good source of Vitamin B complex – B6 and B1 and highly rich in vitamin C. The spicy effect over the pain receptors in tongue and subsequent calming down due to water intake is similar to contrast bath with hot water and cold water practiced by physiotherapists to relieve of chronic pain. Similarly depression is eclipsed by counter irritation technique just like your pain relieving balm. Chilies lower your blood sugar level. Most importantly chilies reduce the viscosity your blood and eases the vascular flow. Care should be taken to have assured sips of water at frequent intervals to prevent the skin of chillies to settle down along the digestive tract or having chilies with fiber rich diet amounts to your smartness. Chilies keep your mood in high pitch and fresh blood circulation that’s vascular friendly. Such a physiological ambience gives no room for stress and depression. The antioxidants in chilies bind free radicals and thus avert oxidative injury to cells. Endorphin release is a response elicited by the stimuli of spices in chilies. Endorphins are neurotransmitters the behind the screen of seeking pleasure and shrink the feel of depression. The benefits of having chilies are awesome; such that you would be crazily loved by your life partner owing to your stunning performance in bed.

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