15 Foods that Help Prevent Depression

13) Bananas and Plantains


Bananas contain tryptophan, a precursor to serotonin. Serotonin is prevents depression and it’s a great troubleshooter as it helps to get relieved of stress and regulates blood sugar level as well. Plaintains are naturally richer in starch with lower sugar content than that of bananas. Southern American, Oceanic, Asian, and African cultures appreciate plantains as substitutes for potatoes. Plaintains are of higher nutritional value than bananas. Plaintains are the better source of vitamin A, C and B6. They are tasty when had as chips, soup or deeply fried form.

14) Avocado


Avocadoes are rich in fat content which is good for your health. Fat is essentially an energy reservoir and so it’s the highest source of energy to your body. Oleic acid in avocadoes constitutes half of the fat composition in this fruit; oleic acid helps to lose weight despite being rich in fat content. Avocadoes are a good source of potassium, vitamin B and E. Avocadoes are best knows to act against depression as they’re rich in anti-depression serotonin based tryptophan coupled with selective serotonin reuptake inhibitorSRI’s). It’s better to have counseling with your doctor before you have avocadoes for medical ailments unlike having it casually. Depression could not be solely cured by magic overnight but innate habits and thought processes play crucial in fighting against depression. Don’t feel you are depressed and don’t have negative thoughts at all. Always think positive and live a successful life.

15) Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate

Chocolates find their place during happiest moments like Birthdays, friendship days or even when you propose the girl close to your heart. It brings cheer to your mind and betters your mood. The paltry presence of phenylethylamine in chocolates is believed to induce happiness and effectively fight against depression. The texture, taste and smell are another feather in the cap of chocolates. Chocolates are loved by almost all the children not sparing yourself when you were a kid. Dairy chocolates are said to be good for your heart. The anadamine is a neuro-transmitter and the synthesis of this chemical is enhanced by phenylethylamine. But as there is a say – too much of anything is good for nothing. Too much level of blood sugar due to chocolates reduces serotonin level and thus decelerates your potential happiness and elated mind set. This turns to be a reason for depression. Chocolates bring happiness to you. When you have fewer, it serves to combat depression just like the guest who stays for fewer days in your home, are taken utmost care and bestowed with your love and affection; unlike the reverse treatment met out by the guest who stays years together.

Final Words

Meditation and yoga are practiced to tone up the quality of life. But healthy diet is more crucial like a painting chart without which you are left with no space to paint your colors. Irrespective of vegetarian or non-vegetarian diets, the way of cooking would definitely help your taste buds to appreciate the healthier one with higher nutritional value. Life is so precious, live every second of it happily!


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