Acne treatments that work


Acne is an irritating and frustrating problem which lowers the self esteem of a person. Most of the products available in the market are low quality and aren’t as good and effective in treating acne as they claim to. Many good quality products are available on sale online. They are recommended on the basis of clinical studies and research.

According to experts, the reason of occurrence of acne is excessive oil and cells within the follicle of skin. This is caused by hormonal shifts like the one before puberty, and menstrual cycle. Due to this, the pore opening is plugged causing the underneath follicle to swell. This results in growth of bacteria producing chemicals which fuel inflammation. This results in the eruption of whiteheads, pimples and blackheads. Thus, inflammation causes acne and drugs for acne in future will treat the acne by targeting the skins inflammatory response. The present treatment for acne can be categorized into two types. The first type is the pore cleansers – they prevent the plugging or clogging of pores thereby suppressing acne. The second type is the one which targets and controls the oil and hormone production which are responsible for triggering breakouts. Pore cleaners are medications containing benzyl peroxide along with or either with salicylic acid. They are very effective especially in cases where there is no scarring. Sometimes, a resistance to the treatment may be developed but the solution to this is the rotation of the products.

Many products are sold nowadays through the TV commercials, the internet and shopping outlets. They contain benzyl peroxide, salicylic acid either single or both. This is the ingredient of the acne medications available in the drugstores. The factor giving these products an edge is the recommended regimen associated with them which increases compliance which is an important factor in the effectiveness of a product. For any occasional breakouts, one can choose the high-tech “zit zapper.” It kills bacteria and cures the pimples by employing the heat shock response principle of the body. These are good only for mild acne and not severe cases. It is good for the function of maintenance when the acne is in control. In case of the failure of drugs in treating the acne, the dermatologist may help with his tricks. This includes use of antibiotics especially when used with benzyl peroxide. They bring quick results.

When the acne is stubborn and there are scars, the doctors give treatment which shuts down oil production and suppress breakouts. The treatment is Isotretinoin also known as Accutane. Its use may be hazardous by increasing birth defect occurrence and aggressiveness. When used for a long time, it may decrease bone mineral density. These risks are rare, according to the doctors. Another option of treating acne is laser and light devices. They are costly. Their effect is similar to Accutane. The laser may work to inhibit bacteria growth or shrink the oil glands.