Benefits of Grapes


Grape is small oval fruit found without seeds. Grape is a rich source of flavonoids that gives the vibrant purple color to it.

Grapes Health Benefits:
1.   It is quick source for body building that provides energy.
2.   Helps reducing harmful blood clots and platelet clumping.
3.   It helps in problems of liver disorders, skin and constipation.
4.   This fruit (also known as “Queen of fruits”) helps in lowering down acidity of uric acid and also eliminate it from the system that benefits kidneys greatly.
5.   Studies found grape juice, raisin tea and red wines shows strong antiviral activity for polio virus, herpes .Grape juice also induces sleep due to which it has been used as herbal solution for insomnia.
6.    The effect of cardio protective had been linked with red wine consumption that contains what is believed to be the main Resveratrol.
7.   But rather than Resveratrol, phenols phytonutrients, catechins and anthocyanins are other known and unknown components that contributes to our health.
8.   Lots of researches since eighties appeared, that studying the effects of other grape parts, as oil and seeds extracted from them. It appears grape oil contains several tannins, poly phenols and proantho cyanidins, along with vegetable unsaturated fatty acids. All these compounds provide several health benefits as, lower risks of cardiovascular disease; it also lowers down risk of developing cancer and other diseases those are linked with oxidative stress.
9.   Grape leaves consists of sugar, carotene, inosite, substances, tannic, Quercetin betaine, apple acid, proto catechine acid,  ascorbic acid, tartaric acid tartaric acid, potassium, sodium, silicon and iron.