Health Benefits of Almonds


Almond is a nut which contains nutrients of higher quantities, including Vitamin E, Calcium Phosphorous, Iron, Magnesium, Zinc, Copper and Niacin. It is mostly found in two types, Sweet Almonds and Bitter Almonds. Sweet almonds are such which are edible (fit to be eaten) and the Bitter one is used in medicine field Almonds are consumed in raw form. In Health field it plays a very important and used for curing many diseases.

Helps in Brain Development – Being as nutritional nut its adds in valve for brain development. Almond soaked in night can be given to children early in the morning.

Control Cholesterol – It helps to control cholesterol by reducing the level of low density lipoproteins (Bad cholesterol).

Prevents Constipation – Being as Fiber Nut it helps in prevention of constipation.

Helps in weight reduction – Almond milk helps to reduce weight because of the presence of Mono-saturated fat which prevents overeating by satisfying the appetite.

Prevention of Colon Cancer – Almonds helps in prevention of colon cancer by improving the food through colon.

Controls Blood pressure – Being low in Sodium and presence of Potassium helps to regulate blood pressure.

Reduction in health diseases – The presence of Vitamin E in Almond is anti-oxidant which help to minimize the risk of heart disease, problem of heart attacks is also reduced because of the presence of Magnesium.

Protection from Diabetes – It helps to reduce the level of insulin after meal which is a great protection from diabetes.

Apart from these diseases it also helps to produce energy and its oil is used to massage new born babies and its milk present in soaps help to improve the complexion of the skin.