Health Impacts of Smoking Tobacco – Why You Should Stop Smoking Now

The Overall Impact of Smoking Cigarettes: Some of the Statistics

Stop Smoking

Gaseous exchange in lungs and supply of oxygen to brain and body has to be enhanced to increase longevity and lead a healthy life. How to work towards it? You can meditate, practice yoga and deep breathing exercises apart from regular physical exercise. Diet rich in antioxidants is advisable to protect cell membrane and tissues from oxidative injuries. Despite this, peer groups and culture of a city mends one either to smoke or not. A single puff contains lead, cadmium and other neurotoxin substances. Smoking for a fun gradually turns you a regular smoker as you feel the grip and satisfaction immediately after some 3-4 puffs. This is because carbon monoxide in smoke has greater affinity to your haemoglobin than that of oxygen. Carbon monoxide is just like a carcinogenic agent. For beginners, they experience giddiness but they are habituated during parties and outings, finally at home itself. Most people say that they can’t live without cigarette.

However there are compelling reasons as to why smoking should be quit. Some may think that they are intelligent enough to have a command over cigarette smoking but in reality they are victimized to have a puff due to minor nitty-gritty issues. Another issue is that when people want medical aid to wane off smoking, they are also referred to psychiatrist to find out the provoking thoughts leading to smoking and treat them psychologically.

Now it’s high time to quit smoking due to irreversible health hazards ultimately leading to death. Pictorial warnings on cigarettes are only tip of an iceberg. Doesn’t matter you are a chronic smoker, take huge amount of water every day and gradually reduce the number of puffs you take per cigarette and also reduce the number of cigarettes day by day.

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