Top 15 Foods for Fighting Cancer

10) Flaxseed


Protein is essential for building up your body. Cell damage is the prime causative factor to cancer. Plant protein is abundant in Flaxseed along with essential nutrients such as lignans. With the antioxidant properties, lignans counteract the pathology of cell damage and unusual proliferation of cancer cells and thus conversion of healthy cells into cancer cancerous cells in intercepted to add advantage towards fighting a surviving battle. Flax seed is rich in omega-3 fatty acids that avert colon cancer and heart disease. Vitamin E in Flaxseeds instigates apoptosis, suicide of cancer cells while the healthy cells are enable to stay cool. Vitamin E inhibits the growth and multiplication of cancer cells. The fibre content in flaxseed helps to better water reabsorption and it also helps to digest your complex food substances to simpler components. Vitamins, nutrients and minerals are found in

flaxseed. You may try not only from the cancer pathologic condition but also find yourself better in overall development of better health. Have it in organic smoothies, sandwich or any of add favourite dishes, also have it sprinkled on cereal.

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