Top 15 Foods for Fighting Cancer

1) Tea


A cup of tea and lighter moments with friends may ease out every day stress. Well! Questions may rise whether to prefer green tea or black tea? Whether to add milk in your tea or not?

Both Black tea and Green teas are rich in phytochemicals essential to prevent cancer. Polyphenols, Kaempferol and flavonoids in tea are powerful antioxidants. Oxygen free radicals that cause injury to body cells are flushed of by antioxidants.

Green tea is better than black tea and tea without milk is far better insofar as prevention of cancer is concerned. When black tea is brewed the cathechins is oxidised and so the anti-cancer activity of cathechins is obliterated. Similarly, when milk is added to your tea, it decreases the potential of antioxidants in the tea thus exposing you to the risk of cancer. Hence, green tea and tea without milk is preferred. Studies declare that Green tea decelerates the development and spread of cancer in liver, prostrate cells, breast and colon, lung, skin and digestive tract. You just relax with green tea to brace up your immune to its highest potential with utmost ease.

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