Top 15 Foods for Fighting Cancer

4) Mushrooms


The Polysaccharide extracts of mushroom fruit bodies are known for potent anti-tumour activity. Edible mushrooms are commonly known to contain the polysaccharide, lentinan that effectively prevents cell damage. Lentinan also kills cancerous cells before it causes damage and spreads of throughout the body via blood stream. Lectin is another compound in mushrooms that prevents cell damage, effectively hurts cancerous cells discouraging its abnormal multiplication. The oxidative injury caused by oxygen free radicals are prevented by regular intake of mushrooms rich in antioxidants, thus averting the incidence of many types of cancer. The morbidity and mortality of cancer patients exposed to sunlight is reduced. Apart from sunlight, Vitamin D is highly available in mushrooms also which is more essential to combat colon cancer in addition to fibre rich diet. Phytotherapy research has stated that edible mushrooms effectively help to treat cognitive impairment. Have mushrooms and improve your overall health. You can have it in your diet via pizza, pasta, salads, soups, fries. Edible mushrooms have to be screened from poisonous mushrooms, before you take it to your kitchen. Better you can get it from market than to pick from the wild.

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