Top 15 Foods for Fighting Cancer

7) Peppers


Cancer is not a pathologic condition that is developed overnight or suddenly. The cancer causing substances tend to accumulate over a period of time and gradually the cells are forced to react to these substances by abnormal growth, rapid multiplication associated with functional anomaly. Peppers are rich in capsaicin compound that effectively counteracts cancer causing substances. So peppers avert cancer to an unfolding extent by nipping the menace of cancer causing substances in the bud. Capsaicin also aids in killing cancer cells and inhibiting the abnormal growth of cells. Studies reveal peppers prevent cancer including stomach cancer. Inflammation of cells is common but when it is chronic, then incidence of cancer is high. Peppers are anti-inflammatory, thus prevents cancer. Though a variety of pepper, bell pepper is known to have lower amount of capsaicin, it is rich in vitamin C that improves your immune system. Adding pepper in your diet helps you to improve digestion and other health benefits. Your body loves pepper as it is effective in combating cancer and improving your immune system. You may just try it in your favourite dishes and live the life hot and spicy!

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