Top 15 Foods for Fighting Cancer

8) Grapes


Diets rich in fruits have Chemo preventive activity to prevent human malignancies. Unlike stroke or cardiac arrest, cancer is not organ specific. Cancer affects any organ, not only organs but also blood. Leukaemia or leucopoenia is associated with blood. Adequate intake of antioxidants to prevent cell damage in general is necessary. Grapes in your fruit salad heaves a sigh of relief to stay away from cancer related risks and thoughts.

Grapes are rich in flavonoids and resveratrol. Abnormal cell growth and multiplication is originally a protective response by your body against cell damage and DNA. Like green tea, flavonoids in grapes also help to inhibit the enzyme that causes abnormal cell growth and abnormal multiplication of cells causing functional anomaly and also suppresses the immune that causes such malfunction.

Ellagic acid, an important compound that is found in grapes and some more fruits, blocks enzymes that makes way for the development of cancer cells and also stagnates the development of tumors. You can find these important antioxidants in grape juice, wine and fresh grapes. However, it is good to have the grape juice as a real extract than being a concentrate that is mainly sugar. Grapes are so comfortable to have them in your day to day diet and mostly can be had as snacks or to keep them present in salads. You can always be creative in using grapes in your foods, like having them combined in pastas and other dishes too. All types of grapes are rich in cancer-fighting antioxidants but red grapes are the best.

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