Top 15 Foods That Help Migraines

young woman with migraine

Migraines are headaches that occur at the front or one side of the head, due to sinuses, tension, stress, late intake of food and also other medical conditions. It is a throbbing pain which is very painful, sometime unbearable. The symptoms include nausea, vomiting, eye pain, sensitivity towards light, sound, cold weather etc.

It can further be elevated if you bend your head forward or sitting for a long time in uncomfortable position.

Migraines are rather common in women than in men. Even school going children are affected by this. Recent research shows abnormal function of the blood vessels of the brain is a key factor for migraine attacks. Nowadays the popularity of seeking natural home remedies has been increased to prevent and treat medical conditions. Most people usually use pain killer for their painful headache, but drugs offers only temporary relief and their long term usage cause serious side effects. Though, some natural foods offer safest relief hence we are going to see some foods that helps to treat migraine and also prevents its relapse.

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