Top 15 Foods That Help Migraines

12) Water


It is very essential retain moisture content in our body. Water stabilizes the body ph level, keeping its level balanced between acidity and alkaline. There are more chances to get migraine if the balance is missed. As well as if your body get dehydrated, automatically you would fell thirsty. Usually people like to drink carbonated drinks, coffee, chilled items for their thirst but in contrary these substances in turn makes us more dehydrated. Also these beverages contain caffeine that will trigger headaches, caffeinated item is not good for everyone. Some may not be able to tolerate its effects, as each and everyone’s metabolism acts differently. Therefore it’s essential to do a self-analysis individually by experimenting with different foods and identifying which foods and factors triggers migraine for each and everyone. So if you have migraine due to dehydration, drink plenty of water to hydrate yourself and balance your ph level.

In this topic we have analyzed the foods that prevent or treat migraine and foods that are rich in sources of magnesium and omega 3 fatty acids that are good for treating migraine. So if you are magnesium deficient or deprived of omega 3 fatty acid, go ahead and add it in your meals. We already told, we should self-analyze by ourselves and find which food would be good for our system and factors that can induce migraine. Even starving for longer period due to busy schedule can trigger migraine. Hence, wherever you are, at least have a hand full of almonds, pumpkin seeds, fibre biscuits or whole grain bread that would ease your hunger to little extent, thereby you can reduce your migraine frequency. Another important thing is to feel comfortable while are sitting and travelling because this can also lead to migraine. For some people, migraine may occur even due to constipation, so always include fibre rich food, fruits, nuts in your diet and drink plenty of water. I hope this article fetched you some ideas about migraine prevention and treatment using natural foods.

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