Top 15 Foods That Help Relieve Arthritis

12)    Green Tea

Green Tea
Green tea has started to replace regular tea nowadays. Green tea is preferred as it is easy readily in shops or even be prepared easily.  During hot weather you can opt for cold green tea and at nights you can also have hot green tea but in either case, it stimulates nerves and refreshes you both at work and also during evening walk. Its fragrance and flavour may be aesthetic to your palate as well as neurons.
Scientists from the University of Michigan Medical School claim that a certain compound in green tea may lower joint damage, inflammation, and pain associated with arthritis.  Green tea is a source of Epigallocatechin-3-gallate, a natural anti-oxidant to ebb out oxygen free radicals and alleviate joint pain and inflammation. The anti-oxidants in the green tea inhibits or lowers production of toxic chemicals responsible for inflammation. Green tea helps to prevent the breakdown of soft tissues, especially cartilage. Green tea has gained access to every nook and corner of open market and you can readily buy it now and reap the medicinal benefits of it.

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