Top 15 Foods That Help Relieve Arthritis

15)    Yogurt

Probiotic curd has been rolled out in open market. But the nature has already gifted arthritis sufferers with probiotic rich yogurt. The bacteria in yogurt helps in decreasing C – reactive protein levels in the body thus prevent body cells from being damaged by such harmful C – reactive protein levels. The helpful bacteria in yogurt also reduces the level of harmful cytokines. Usually cytokines cause the joint inflammation ailment and as such the bacteria in yogurt naturally reduces such harmful cytokines. Your blood glucose level is regulated has the bacteria in yogurt also influences insulin secreted from alpha cells of pancreas.  Yogurt may even contain vitamin D, which is an added benefit to bones. There are many brands and flavours of yogurt to choose from, but you need to be careful.

Food for your Thoughts

The natural foods abundant in proteins, vitamins, minerals, harmful gene and enzyme suppressing bacteria shall be an inevitable supplement to your diet and don’t think that you’re an arthritis patient but think that these food will also prevent cardiovascular diseases, stroke or hemiplegia, increase digestion and improve fibre content in the body. Lead a pain free life by sticking to healthy diet.

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