Top 15 Hangover Cures That Actually Work

9) Eat Some Pickles


Alcohol depletes minerals and minerals in your body. Partying with peer groups and turning moody the next morning due to hangover may deter your healthy performance of daily task all through the day. Dehydration effects of alcohol and loss of minerals, vitamins and essential electrolytes are common. You can try to have pickles as they are abundant with iron, calcium, vitamins, minerals and salt. All these essentials will be replenished when you take pickles. Sweet Gherkins are the perfect solution to a hangover. People suffering from gastric ulcers or intestinal ailments may keep at bay both the drinks and pickles as well. Even if you experience irritation in your stomach, then you don’t try pickles. Nausea, vomiting blood and headache are the alarm bells asking you to stay away from alcohol and pickles. Others with no such symptoms may have pickles with your favourite dishes so that the spicy effect over your gut is minimised and so the benefits of assimilating vitamins, minerals and salts is enjoyed.

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