Top 15 Hangover Cures That Actually Work

10) Whip up a Whole Fruit Smoothie


Fruit salad in your menu is a wise choice to get the lost nutrients replenished with immediate effect. Alcoholic dehydration and loss of nutrients can be compensated with the intake of fruit salad. Crushing the pulp of the fruit into juices will help your blood to absorb at ease but having fruit smoothie by chewing and deglutition brings rich fibre, vitamins and nutrients and so it’s wise to have fruit smoothie to counter the hangovers and stay healthy.

Potassium is one such mineral lost due to alcoholic dehydration. Having banana will improve the condition as it is rich in potassium. You may experience cramps and abnormal conspicuous muscle contraction or lock ups when the potassium level in your body is lower. Strawberries, raspberries, cranberries, and other similar fruits are also worthwhile to counter the alcoholic disturbance. Though citrus fruits grapefruit or orange fruit in your salad may be acidic, its effect of stomach irritation is not uncommon but use of ginger helps you to calm your stomach. Your pH balance, vitamins, minerals and nutrients are struck with right balance when you have delicious fruit salads.

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