Top 15 Hangover Cures That Actually Work

12) Replace that Stomach Lining


Alcohol contents may erode the thinner lining over the walls of your stomach. As the acidic nature of alcohol has to be neutralized, the walls of the stomach is usually eroded as a base. So having fleshy protein like chicken may help in neutralizing the acidic alcohol. Hangovers and associated stomach pains are common. Like a lubrication against friction, milk may act as a protective layer of stomach walls as the internal lesions are minimised due to regular intake of milk. It prevents gastric ulcers and helps replacing stomach lining. As milk is rich in calcium and other vitamins, it promotes the rate of healing and growth. You have milk directly as well you may have with smoothies.

Planned parties and cocktail is advisable so that you may take whole milk the night before you drink. Cheese and lean protein has similar effect like that of milk. Contrary to some theories, alcohol will not reduce the effects of lactose intolerance. Moreover, almond milk and soy milk cannot be a good substitutes. It’s best to just avoid them entirely if you cannot drink regular cow’s milk. Also there is no better studies about yak’s milk and goat’s milk have the same effect, therefore it is always better to avoid them.

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