Top 15 Hangover Cures That Actually Work

13) Sip Some Peppermint Tea

Peppermint Tea

Metabolism and energy level is increased by peppermint tea. It has antioxidants that clears the oxygen free radicals from causing injury to your brain and body tissues. Bowel and stomach related ailments due to drinks may be an inevitable consequence, but a cup of peppermint tea may be helpful as it increases the level of thirst and hunger in addition to regaining the normal appetite. Peppermint is an effective hangover treatment. Sluggish thought process, pain over eyes, near ears and fronto-pareital region of head are well relieved by the taste and flavour of peppermint tea in addition to the essential ingredients in it. The walls of the stomach and the ovaries are protected from getting damaged and you can simply choose to prefer warm peppermint tea than a cool one as it cures hangovers effectively. If you feel that the peppermint tea is more strong, then you may opt for chamomile tea that has similar effects of peppermint tea but milder in taste and flavour.

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